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A Look Inside the First Six Months of the Reach Marketing Academy

Imagine having a digital marketing agency in your back pocket, without ANY agency fees! Crazy right? 

I’m here to tell you that it’s real. We are here to make a real impact in our community, but we are also here to make a real impact in your business. No more guessing if you’re on the right path, no more wondering whether you’re doing the right thing or not; we’re here to help you reach your small business dreams. Whether it’s content, email marketing, or SEO hacks, we've got your back! 

The Reach Marketing Academy has grown upwards and beyond to show you that YOU can learn marketing. You created this business, and it’s time for you to become your best marketing guru. And the best part is you’ll grow the confidence to do it ALL on your own. You may be asking, “but what even is the Reach Marketing Academy?!” The Reach Marketing Academy assists managers, solopreneurs, and marketers that are leading small teams (or a one-person machine!) pull all the right levers in their marketing. 

With access to our digital marketing specialists, stop the endless cycle where you are unsure of your tactics, tech, or results. We will look at ads, posts, and tech, provide direction and/or strategy and walk alongside you as you plan all of your marketing dreams. And provide the answers, so customers pay you online.

The first half of 2022 has been nothing but successful. Here’s what we’ve gone over this past quarter:

  1. Our business goals! By the end of 2022, we want to help you crush those business goals!
  2. Productivity hacks! Are you looking for hacks on managing your team or getting things done faster?
  3. Let’s turn your reviews into content! Did you get a great review recently?! That deserves some applause! Let’s help you get the word out! 
  4. How to write for SEO! Ahh, yes, the great SEO. No matter how much you think you know about SEO, everyone walked away with some new knowledge. 
  5. All about email communication! As much as you think it’s true, e-mail is NOT dead. Let’s talk about how you can grow client retention from your emails. 
  6. TikTok hacks! The newest and hottest form of social media is out right now. Do you know how to use to grow your brand? 
  7. Copywriting 101 What if I challenged you to write a social post in 3-min? Could you do it? Find out if you’ve got what it takes with our Copy Writing Workshop. 

  1. Our business goals

We love reflecting on our past selves and seeing how much we truly can accomplish and grow if we truly put our minds to it. Writing down your own business goals and remembering why you began in the first place is a huge motivator! 

We start all of our sessions by talking about our own ‘heights and gripes.’ Overall, noticing what you’re doing right (or wrong) in your business is a growing experience. We are always there for support. We want to celebrate your achievements and help you overcome your marketing and business challenges. 

We started our first call by going over what we’d like to accomplish over this next year. We’re all in this together! 

  1. Productivity hacks!

We then discussed all about productivity hacks! Office hacks, HR hacks, email hacks, and more! Our productivity hacks help us get organized and make our life easier.  Why don’t we do the same for you?! 

One of our favorite productive hacks is the Pomodoro timer (and yes, we talked ALL about this in our second RMA call.) The Pomodoro timer helps you get tasks done faster and reminds you that it’s okay to take short breaks throughout the day. One of our employees swears by this timer and says, “It’s really helped me prioritize my tasks and helps me stay focused throughout my day.” 

That’s one of our MANY hacks to manage your productivity. Don’t be shy;  if you're interested in all of our productivity hacks, the recording will be in your RMA portal!

  1. Let’s turn your reviews into content!

Have you ever gotten a review SO good that you wanted to frame it on your fridge? Good reviews make us feel good. So, let’s make those reviews even more memorable and increase trustworthiness in your target audience! 

We've also discussed repurposing that great review into creative content. Being able to repurpose your content will allow you to be more consistent throughout your brand and increase organic traffic.

  1. How to write for SEO!

Let’s talk SEO! If you’re not familiar with SEO (aka search engine optimization), we’ve covered this and more in our academy!  SEO plays a huge role in your business if you’re interested in increasing your organic traffic. Using keywords and tools to improve your content writing can help grow your business over time. 

Want to improve your website overall but are not sure where to start? Take our Website Level Assessment to see what is your website grade - is it a portfolio site…

  1. All about email communication!

We have also covered marketing blockers and how we can help you overcome them! You may be asking yourself, what are marketing blockers? Whether in marketing, business, personal or professional, we are there to support you and help you get through any obstacles you may face. There are so many different ways to communicate with your potential audience. Email is a great way to gain those conversions.

  1. TikTok Hacks!

TikTok is constantly growing, so we deep-dived into how to promote brand awareness through this popular social media app. Trending sounds, making great content, and using those hashtags are only one part of grabbing your audience’s attention. Whether you are looking to increase your following, promote your brand or have a goal of becoming viral, we have all the tips and tricks for you to succeed.

  1. Copywriting 101

Welcome to Copywriting 101! Do you think you can create a social media post within three minutes? Even if it’s not thoroughly flushed out, you’ll be surprised with what you can come up with. This hands-on marketing call was all about writing for social posts, marketing emails, and, last but not least, landing pages! Developing our skills in something more than marketing is a big win. 

The Reach Marketing Academy is full of great information. We’ve gone over a TON of already, and guess what? We’re just getting started.

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