Dream Builders Realty Residential Website

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Client: Dream Builders Realty Date: October 16, 2014 Category: View Project

Dream Builders Realty’s website received a total refresh from the Reach team, providing the website with a fresh, clean look. The website contains many integrated features for those looking to buy, sell,  rent or manage a property. On the homepage, visitors can search for a property right from the moment they visit or choose from one of the call to actions listed underneath how Dream Builders  Realty can assist them. Each of those prospective pages features a tailored sidebar to provide those visitors with the content they are looking for right when they need it. Homebuyers can also use an  advanced search or map search to find their dream home. Those looking for more information on the market can request, view and share it directly from the site.

Since Dream Builders Realty is also a HubSpot client, their blog posts are viewable right in WordPress’s latest news feature with all links taking visitors to the HubSpot blog so they can enjoy the  premium content and offers featured on the Dream Builders Realty blog.