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Should you do it ALL?In-House Marketing VS Marketing with an Agency

What works best for YOUR business?

In-House Marketing or AGENCY?

In the words of Kylo Ren, ‘You know what you have to do, but you don’t know if you have the strength to do it’. You know you can’t do it all. But, do you hire someone internally or work with an agency? Biases aside, below is a comparison chart to help illustrate the real difference between doing in-house marketing vs working with an agency.

Agency In-House-Marketing
Brainstorming Power Get multiple minds for one price. Only one person you have to manage.
Solve Multiple Problems for One Price Offer multiple services (website design, inbound marketing, etc.) under one roof. Specializes in either content or lead generation marketing.
Where Your Money Goes Price covers labor, software, and programs used to achieve your goals. Price covers labor, taxes, insurance, retirement plans, equipment, and more.
Skill Diversity Greater skill set diversity. Expertise in certain skills.
See Results Faster Work with an agency with proven expertise in your industry. Could take months of learning your industry before you see results.
Stretch Your Investment not Your Team Can scale quickly to your business. Team members have limited time and resources to respond to new or changing marketing needs.
Always Have Your Finger on the Pulse Easier to stay up to date with trends. Potentially feel stuck or repetitive in campaign building.

Deciding on whether to hire a digital marketing expert to do your in-house marketing or whether to hire an agency comes down to a few factors. If you’re a smaller business with a few clients or have the time to onboard and teach them, you may be able to handle building your in-house marketing team. On the flip side, if you’re a small business and need an expert behind the wheel to help you achieve your business goals, an agency might be the way to go to help you scale your business quicker.

See what marketing with an agency looks like!

How this looks in REAL LIFE

One of our clients needed help obtaining qualified leads using paid ads channel. Not only did their team lack the time to manage setting up and running digital ads, they also weren't sure what channels were the best magnets to attract leads to their business. In 2021, through Facebook and Instagram ads, we were able to achieve


new leads


cost per lead

369 HRS

of staff time saved