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Beyond our Profession

#Reachers can be seen all over Osceola County (and beyond) serving on numerous nonprofit boards, committees, and at various events. Hear what makes them so passionate about their chosen community service efforts below!

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“Supporting students involved in arts is something I am personally passionate about. As a board member for the Arts Alive Scholarship Program, serving here allows me to participate in an organization that helps provide college scholarships for students planning to attend college to obtain a degree in Arts.”

- Lydia Morrison, Sales Manager
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“I'm on the board for the family foundation which donates to many charities and causes and I volunteer with The Fraternal Orders of Eagles which sends millions of dollars to aid in medical issues and people in need. I have also been known to sing at city functions such as memorial services.”

- Robert Jeck, Office Manager
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“I've been volunteering with Give Kids the World since they reopened with Night of a Million Lights. Being able to be there and bring some magic back to the village during a very difficult time made a positive impact on the community, and my life as well.”

- Crystal Ruiz, Content Creator