Our Approach

We are Strategists with a Data-driven approach to marketing


So how can we help you make real impact?

By using the RADIATE method.

The first step in our approach is to discuss the goals you have for your company. As we learn more about your business, we plug your goals into a formula to determine your Realistic Revenue. This helps us determine what you want your success to look like after 12 months and decide whether it is realistic. Depending on this outcome, we use the goals created to determine our next 12 months (or 12 weeks!) with you.

Diving In your business

The Audience Awareness section is where we learn more about your clients, customers, or just overall consumers. In the first few weeks, we take a Deep Dive and spend a lot of time getting to know you, your company, and your competitors to determine your ideal customer, their pain points, and what messaging will best resonate to solve their problem. Our research allows us to brainstorm what campaigns are needed, what content will need to be published, or what needs to be on your website.

And as we continue to dive in, we not only grow more familiar with your company and customers, we also identify what makes your business unique from industry competitors. We use your special sauce to continue craft campaigns and content or design websites that not only speak to your clients but that outperform your industry leaders.

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Springing into action

Putting our research into action, we Ideate and Create with written and visual content such as blogs, landing pages, social captions, videos, and graphics. In this stage, we're also picking the best systems to track your leads, ROI and monitoring them daily to make notes of needed adjustments. Once you've approved it all, it is All Systems Go! We'll take what we created, publish it on your social media accounts, and update your website accordingly.

Using what works

You've made it to the Test, Test, Test stage! Here is where we watch all of our hard work pay off (and see what changes may have to be made!) We are consistently monitoring and improving campaigns or designs based on the data we have collected. If you are building a website with us in our testing phase, you will see us have all the devices out as we try to see what needs to be improved responsively.

As we learn more about what works and what can use improvement, we will update you on the performance of your campaigns and how we are maximizing our efforts for your success and make sure to Evaluate and Replicate what is already working.

Behind woman posting notes on the board