Intern Series: Marketing is more than just social media

When I was approached with the opportunity to potentially intern at REACH on the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo account, I saw it as a way to experience another possible career. Since I grew up in a rodeo family, I knew it’d be epic to work on the RAM NCFR. Plus, I had just changed my major to Agricultural Communications and felt this opportunity was a godsend. During my interview, Chief Strategist Kelly Trace asked me what I thought I could teach the agency and what is one thing I wanted to learn. I shared with her that I felt I could be beneficial on their rodeo accounts, and I would like to learn how to write a blog. After working here for nearly seven months, I have been handed ample opportunities to grow my blogging skills. I’ve also had lessons on marketing 101 like CTAs (call to action) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but more importantly, on company culture and how relationships are the key to success.

Marketing is more than just social media

I’ll admit, I was a skeptic on the whole marketing deal before I started working for an agency. Just like most people, I was confused as to what their jobs looked like. I had no clue and was ignorant to the marketing profession. Working for Reach opened my eyes to a whole new world. I mean seriously, who knew that marketers are more than just social media nerds? My number one goal when I came to Reach was to write one blog and have it published. Lucky for me, that happened within the first two weeks of my internship and I was hooked. Being naive to the blogging world, I thought you just stationed yourself at the computer with a cup of coffee and started typing. Wrong. Hours of research and strategy come long before. To attract our customers organically, hitting certain keywords is important. This is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. When you type something into the search bar, the websites that populate are ranking because of the words from your search, it isn’t the luck of the draw. Another thing that I learned while blogging is each published blog has a purpose. A CTA or call to action is inserted into each written piece. These little buttons found at the end of our blogs convert your visitors to your customers. By implementing a CTA into your blog, it keeps your writing aligned with your clients’ goals and it encourages your visitors to take action! Long story short, marketers make the world go-round. Without them, we would have so many events, services, and products that a small population of people would be aware of. They spend countless hours researching and creating content based on your buyer personas that follow the best possible strategy plan to make you and your company successful.

Company Culture

This could very well be the best thing about working at Reach. When you walk through the doors, you’ll see Reachers diligently working in an open space, no cubicles. This provides an easy way for open communication and quality work relationships. As if it couldn’t get any better, our office is stocked with snacks, drinks, couches and bean bags.Why is this important for work? In order to be successful and thrive, our environment needs to be one that’s comfortable, inviting and one we don’t dread sitting in for 40+ hours a week. During my internship at Reach, I learned that if every job to follow doesn’t offer this, I don’t want it.

Relationships are key to success

After working at Reach, I have seen just how important relationships are in the professional world but also in being successful throughout life. While interning here, I have learned that creating a genuine relationship with people makes for a successful company. Everyone that works at Reach puts in long hours to cultivate a genuine relationship with their client and their customers. When you form a friendship with people, they are more willing to support you and trust you than a regular businesswoman on the internet. In short, what I have learned at Reach has helped pave the way for success. If you are a client of Reach, you are in the best possible hands, and I am so thankful to have worked with so many awesome and talented people. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I can’t stay away too long. I’ll be making my return in March for the second greatest rodeo (the Silver Spurs Rodeo takes the win) held in Florida, the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo! As I head off to college at Texas Tech University, I am overflowing with gratitude for such an amazing opportunity.