Web and Creative Team

Kristine Zwick

Senior Design Manager

Kristine began her career in marketing in 2009 after graduating from Florida State University with her degree in Clothing, Textiles and Merchandising. Her background in fashion opened the door for her to work on campaigns for brands like Keds, Victoria's Secret and Gap. Her work was soon featured in publications like TeenVOGUE, Grazia and The Today Show. In 2017, she joined Reach and had the privilege of working with local organizations, where she put her personal experience and passion for mental health awareness to good use. In her free time, Kristine enjoys making art. Her artwork has been seen on projects for Michael Kors, Microsoft, and Anthropologie. She has been able to combine her experience in fashion, her love of art, and her background in digital marketing in her role as the CEO of her e-commerce brand, Curated Dry Goods.

Leadership Osceola, class of 2020

Tomorrow's Leaders Today, 2020