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10 ways your website can generate leads while you sleep

Over the last two months, I've been lucky to have the opportunity (and time) to teach fellow entrepreneurs about lead generation and how their website can work for them while they are sleeping (even though we really don't sleep at all as entrepreneurs). Sharing our knowledge with others is just one goal we have here at Reach and just maybe you're interested in learning about using your website for lead generation, too.Think about it, your business might be a 9-5er. Or maybe a 10-6er like ours (yes, we like sleeping in a little later than some). So, that's eight working hours, and only some of those hours are probably spent focused on lead generation. Who is generating leads for you during the other sixteen hours of the day?Your website.Your website works 24-hours a day. It's got your back when you are working on another work related project, when you are having dinner with your family, when you are at that big meeting and when you are doing the 200 other things you do in a single week.So, plain and simple. Make sure your website is truly working for you.

10 Ways to Generate Leads with Your Website - REACH