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6 marketing email lists that are worthy of space in your inbox

When you sign up for an email list these days, it's safe to assume that your inbox will soon be packed with junk mail – but that’s not always the case. When you find the right email list to subscribe to, it will not only start your morning on a positive note, but it can provide you with resources and tools to better your business… and for free!Instead of making you do all the research, we’ve done it for you (most everyone in our office is subscribed to one of these, too!). Here are six email lists that are worthy of space in your inbox to help you learn more about marketing and improve your strategy!

HubSpot: HubSpot has definitely paved the way for inbound marketing, and they’re always up to speed on the latest marketing and technology news. The HubSpot blogs aren’t just beneficial to inbound marketing junkies, though. They have two fantastic email lists you can subscribe to – the marketing blog or the sales blog. So, if you work on the sales side, they’ve got you covered, too! HubSpot’s marketing blog provides tips and tools that everyone from an agency director to a small business owner will find helpful. The blog topics usually cover everything from productivity tips, new launches and products, content advice, how to boost your conversion rates and other ways to improve your inbound marketing strategy. And almost every blog post includes a free eBook, too!

Quora: Quora is sort of like an online community. It’s a question-and-answer site where people can share knowledge on topics they’re experts in… or if they just happen to know a secret about a topic they can’t wait to share. That’s the best part of Quora – you get an answer that you normally wouldn’t get from just searching the internet. For example, “As a CEO, what do I do when a project isn’t headed in the right direction?” One could never find the correct answer to that just by searching on Google. Instead, a CEO who has been through that struggle can respond to your question right on the site! So, you may be thinking, How do these answers get to my inbox? Well, when you subscribe to Quora’s email list, they ask you to pick topics relevant to you, and each morning they send you an email with the top stories from your Quora feed. It’s perfectly tailored to you and your interests and provides you with real answers from experienced professionals.

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Moz: No matter what industry you’re in, having a presence on the internet is important. Search engine optimization, better known as just SEO, is the process of how your website ranks in a search engine’s (unpaid) results based on content, authority and search keywords. And if anyone knows about SEO, it’s Moz. If you subscribe to Moz’s blogs, you’ll be learning all about SEO right from the pros themselves. They share how-tos and their experience that’ll help boost your SEO and marketing skills.

Kissmetrics: When it comes to optimizing your digital marketing strategy, Kissmetrics has got you covered. They offer products to assist you with analytics and conversions, so they’re experts on how to enhance your online marketing strategy, too. If you’ve got questions like, How can I increase my conversion rates? Or, How does A/B testing help my business? Kissmetrics is there to help you out right at your keyboard!

AdEspresso:AdEspresso is all about making you a better Facebook marketer. When you subscribe to their email list, they notify you every time they release a new eBook, guide or webinar that will help with your Facebook advertising strategy. Their goal is to help make your Facebook ad strategy successful and different from your competitors. Their blog topics focus on how to optimize your Facebook campaigns and make the most out of your Facebook ad budget. If you don’t have much time to read every email they send out, you can check out AdEspresso University, which features videos and webinars sharing everything you need to know about Facebook ads.

Search Engine Land: These guys are all about helping you make your website the best it can be. They cover everything from SEO to mobile marketing to Google AdWords to Bing webmaster tools, and they share any news that can affect your digital ad campaign as soon as they hear the word. With all the resources they have to offer, you don’t want to miss a thing, and subscribing to their email list will make sure that doesn’t happen!So, now that you know which email lists will help you learn more about marketing and better your strategy, we have a bit of advice. Once you’re a subscriber and you see an email with a title you’d be interested in reading but you don’t have the time, flag or star the email and come back to it on your lunch break or during downtime. Also, we recommend only signing up for a few email lists so your inbox doesn’t get flooded. Don't overwhelm yourself! Happy reading!