Why staying home-grown in our hometown is important to us

When our Chief Strategist, Kelly Trace, decided to open her own inbound marketing agency, there was never a second thought about where she wanted to begin this journey. Kissimmee has always held a special place in her heart. Kelly was born and raised in this community she loves... or so she thought for most of her life. Her mother recently burst her bubble, admitting to Kelly that she in fact was born in Orlando (gasp!). Putting this minor detail aside, Kelly loved being surrounded by so much rich family history and, watching our community grow over the years, she knew she needed to be a part of the future of our town.

So in her home office, Reach was born. Beginning as a one-woman show, Kelly went on a mission to turn marketing in Kissimmee on its head. With a goal to build relationships and help as many people and companies as possible using inbound marketing strategies to grow successful businesses, it wasn’t long before word of Kelly’s innovative entrepreneurship spread throughout Kissimmee. Just two and a half months later, Kelly moved her growing team of three into the UCF Business Incubator in the heart of Downtown Kissimmee.

Team in Office - Reach

In less than three years, Reach has grown into a marketing agency of twelve employees (many of which are Kissimmee-proud locals who adore working with and around a community we love) and expanded into a new-to-us location in Downtown Kissimmee. Where else would we think of continuing to grow Kelly’s vision than within walking distance to some of the most delicious food hotspots that Kissimmee has to offer? Lunch meetings just wouldn’t be the same, and neither would our relationships with the community. Making Downtown Kissimmee our home keeps us, yes, close to food (which is near and dear to our hearts), but also just a hop, skip, and a jump to Kissimmee City Hall and the Osceola County Offices and Courthouse. Helping our local officials makes our hearts swell.Staying homegrown in Kissimmee has been at the heart of every client meeting and new brand design along the way. Working with companies and organizations in Kissimmee and Osceola County like the Silver Spurs Rodeo, Osceola Reads, and Wild Florida has opened our eyes to the many aspects our community has to offer. To think in one day, we can go from a rodeo to a community event helping children read to holding a sloth is mind-blowing. Working with clients like this in our hometown helps solidify each Reacher’s belief that #KissimmeeIsCool.Kissimmee is where it all began, and although we never know what the future may hold, Kissimmee is where Reach plans to stay planted. Kissimmee is our home. We are homegrown.