Inbound Marketing

The Best Marketing Tools for Creating and Managing Content

From noodling on ideas to finally hiting 'publish', being a marketing manager can mean you do it all. (Town: Content Creation City. Population: You.) While the process is rewarding to see your 'baby' come to life, it can also be exhausting. To help you streamline your content creation process, we've made a short(ish) list of the best digital marketing tools you need to be using to bring your pieces of content or marketing campaigns to life.

Best Marketing Tools For Ideation

Answer the Public

Get to know more about your audience through the questions they ask. This topic research resource will show you real questions that real people are asking based on your subject. Now, you'll be able to create content and blog posts that are helpful and relevant to people.

Screenshot of Google Trend for marketing agency

Google Trends

This tool is a great way to see what people are doing, or rather searching, on Google. Add in your keyword or topic you're curious about and you'll see an analysis on how popular that word is. You can then break that down even further by a time period, location and how your target audience searched that term.

Facebook Ad Library

Whether you're looking for ad inspiration or trying to spy on competitors, this is a great paid ads tool to use. With this, you'll be able to see active or past ads, what channels they ran on and the ads' results.

HubSpot Social Media Calendar

HubSpot is a customer relationship management platform and great resource for inbound marketing. While there are a lot of things we can brag about them on, in this blog, we’re highlighting their Social Media Holiday calendar. Updated every year, their free social media calendar is a great way to include your brand with relevant holidays throughout the year. 

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Best Marketing Tools for Creation


Create eye-catching social posts, inbox-worthy emails or 'stop-the-scroll' ads all in one place! This free graphic design tool is great for newbies and even our CEO with a degree in graphic design loves. Filled with templates, graphics, fonts, images and videos, you can all types of content with the even the free plan from Canva!

Adobe Rush

Take your videos to new heights with some of the bells and whistles Adobe Rush offers! What we love most about this video editing tool is the ability to resize your content with all that extra sparkle. So, once you've made a video for Facebook, you can duplicate it and resize it to become and Instagram Reel!

Screenshot of Magisto video.


If you view yourself as clueless on video editing or where to even start with your next video, check out Magisto. For a low cost, this video editing software takes the manual work of storytelling by using AI. Import your stand out video clips, choose a graphics vibe, music and let Magisto do the rest!

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Best Marketing Tools for Implementation

Sprout Social

There are tons of content publishing softwares out there, but Sprout Social is handsdown our favorite. What we love most about Sprout Social is their 'Optimal Times' and 'Reporting' feature. Not only do you have the ability to schedule your content at the best time of the day but also see how well it performed!

Screenshot of creating a new post in Meta planner.

Meta Business Suite

If you don't have the budget to invest in Sprout Social, there are a few other options you can use to schedule content. One that we recommend is the Planner feature within Meta's Business Suite. Here you have the chance to write copy, pair it with a video or image and schedule it to your page!

Protip: Make sure your brand's Instagram account is linked so you can post to both Instagram and Facebook!

Google My Business

Whether you have an physical store or an online business, we recommend creating a Google My Business profile. As the world's most popular search engine, Google processes more than 8.5 searches a day. (That's a lot of freaking searches!) Having a Google My Business profile is a free tool that helps you get in front of people who are looking for answers!

We hope this blog got you pumped to create more content and give you some of your time back. In the words of Michelle Obama, "We are so proud." Want to learn more about how your content building process fits into your marketing strategy? Learn more about the RADIATE method and how it's helped our team crush our clients' goals!